One Page Summary

Build the Website Business

  • Is the product a good one to sell on the web? A good product cannot be found at Target or a hardware store.
  • If you have the time, build it yourself. If you have the money, hire someone.
  • Learn about business, web design, and ecommerce.
  • Plan a budget.
  • Buy a domain name . Then visit the MN secretary of state to register your business name.
  • Find a host or go with the host that your web designer recommends
  • Handle credit cards with either Paypal or with a merchant account from your bank.
  • Find a shopping cart
  • Calculate your shipping options. US Postal Service and UPS are good resources.
  • Write a privacy policy and explain your policies up front.
  • Write for accesibility, credibility, and standards.
  • Buy the needed hardware and software.
  • Rehearse an order from start to finish with a friend. Rehease a return.

Increase Website Traffic

  • Find out what keyword phrases people are searching for.
  • Put those phrases in your title, visible text, and the other areas on your site.
  • Make sure that you can get from every page to every page by text links.
  • Submit to the right category in the Open Directory.
  • Submit to Google, Yahoo, and other search engines and get links to your site.
  • Put your website address on everything - especially your email signature.
  • Read your website statistics to learn about your visitors. Most hosts provide statistics for free.
  • Get as much traffic as you can for free until you cannot afford it anymore :-). Then start paying for clicks at Google and Overture.
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