Website Planning


Building a website and making money from it are more about making good business decisions than about writing code. If you can build a table in Word and email a digital photo as an attachment, you can build a basic website. The decision on whether you should build it yourself or whether you should hire someone to do it should be based on whether you have the time to build it yourself or whether you have the money to hire someone. Then, learn about highly-effective, low-cost, do-it-yourself methods to increase traffic to your website.

Go to the One Page Summary to skip all the details and read just the essentials.

The key thing is to start simple with your first website. Just include text, graphics, and links. Save the dynamic pages, image rollovers, and databases until you get feedback from your visitors. A simple site is going to be more accessible to people that cannot use a mouse or are visually impaired. It will load faster and is going to be easier to get ranked well by search engines.

There are lots of free or low-cost tools and services available while building a basic website store or increasing traffic to a website. This site will describe a low cost option and a more premium option for the different kinds of services. Getting other websites to link to yours is especially important. These 100 or so directories will link to your website for free.

An ecommerce business is a good one to start at your kitchen table on your own schedule. But, think of it as a business and not just a break-even hobby. Businesses require planning, capital, and some management skill. Keep these in mind while you setup the website business.

One of the most common requests that we hear is, "I hired someone to build a website, but it is not doing anything. I like my site, but I get no inquiries or sales from it. How do I get more traffic to my site? "